Import 12Word phrase:

Import Mnemonic/12 Word phrases from other wallets


See an overview of the users currently held assets

Send Currency:

Send currency contained in Greenery to other wallet addresses

Import private keys:

Import the private keys of supported currencies to "mount" the wallet address in Greenery to beable to send currency contained

Generate multiple addresses:

Generate multiple Wallet addresses per supported currency

Multi Faceted Addressbook:

Store multiple wallets addresses across different currencies per entry


Show general activity in the wallet, aggregated transactions using gGAAP and aggregated Exchange activity

Quick exchange:

Quickly swap between various currencies without having to leave the wallet

Connect to Web3:

Connect to Ethereum and Tezos Web3 decentralized Applications (dApps)

2FA for in wallet actions:

Multifactor Authentication (2FA) to log in and perform other sensitive actions in Greenery

Change default fiat conversion currency:

Change the default fiat conversion throughout Greenery according to users preference instead of their location

Test Net Support:

Toggle between Test and Mainnets

Offline password recovery:

The ability to recover the local password without being online


The ability to recover the local password without being online

Send to HumanReadable addresses:

Send currency to HumanReadable addresses attached to ENS,Unstoppable Domains and Tezos Domains

Exchange Balance and History:

See the balances and trading history for exchanges logged into and export the activity


An overview of all of the activity in Greenery


A styling of transactions using GAAP


Create invoices denominated in cryptocurrency

Sending parameters:

Calculate the value of different amounts of currencies against others


Create analog mediums to store cryptocurrency offline, effectively removing them from the internet

Paperwallet/ Paperwalletcheque:

Toggle between sending to prefixed addresses or only sending to addresses in the addressbook

Greenery ID:

The ability to share on social media multiple addresses

US Tax Forms:

Generate US IRS W9 forms for freelancing. We will add more soon!